Do you wish to have full transparency of your z/OS performance data?

>>Do you wish to have full transparency of your z/OS performance data?

Do you wish to have full transparency of your z/OS performance data?

Do you need a striking representation of your consumption?

Are you looking for an easy-to-use tool?

With zWorkload Reporter, you have the possibility to display your consumption data and to present all WLM goals in meaningful and “manageable” graphics. These graphs, along with the knowledge of Mainframe performance, enable you to make WLM decisions at any point in time and to be able to evaluate the problem situation in a targeted manner.

The Challenge

In order to run your mainframe on a meaningful and low MSU level, the basic requirement is that all WLM and capping settings are optimal. Often there is the problem that either there is no possibility at all to create suitable graphics as a basis for decision making for WLM goals, or tools are in use, which already requires “expert knowledge”, only in the preparation.

“Making workload behavior transparent is essential for all decisions.”

Our approach was therefore to create a way for practically everyone including the specialist departments to be able to check and monitor “their” workloads with regard to their achievement of objectives.

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zWorkload Reporter (zWR) consists of two components: On the one hand, there is the Extraction program that provides the necessary performance data on the host by evaluating different SMF sets. On the other hand, it consists of a PC component in order not to burden the Mainframe additionally with Storage and Performance evaluations and to prevent additional costs.

With this technology, we are also able to load historical performance data into the zWR Reporting Framework and therefore to generate meaningful graphics right from the start. Access to the evaluation of your Mainframe performance data is web-based, i.e. no software installation on your workstations is necessary. You can also access via all common mobile devices.

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