Free Health Check Assessment

Benefit from a free BVQ Health Check Assessment

SVA Software is offering for a limited time a Free Health Check Assessment of your IBM Spectrum Virtualized infrastructure. The Health Check takes minutes to setup, is 100% non-intrusive and guarantees to deliver valuable insight on the efficiency of your IBM virtualized storage infrastructure.

BVQ will provide an unbiased view and help you validate existing configurations, past decisions and future storage infrastructure optimization plans.

  1. Are you getting the most out of your IBM (SVC), IBM Storwize & IBM Flash Systems solution investment?
  2. When was the last time you had an assessment or health-check of your infrastructure?
  3. Do you have insight into the performance, utilization and health of your storage infrastructure?
  4. Are you identifying issues, before they impact your customers, services and revenue?

Some things can be simple!

  1. Nothing to install - Just Start BVQ Offline Scanner Executable
  2. Login into IBM Virtualized Storage Infrastructure
  3. Machine performance data starts getting collected
  4. After a week close BVQ Offline Scanner – zip file is automatically created
  5. Upload to BVQ Analysis Site.
  6. After a few days a performance and capacity analysis report will be in your hands and presented during an interactive analysis session.