BVQ for IBM Spectrum Virtualize Environments Overview

You’ve invested a great deal of time and money in your IBM storage virtualization environment and carefully designed and implemented your virtualized storage infrastructure performance, redundancy and data protection, but what guarantees do you have that your storage services will always deliver the required level of availability and efficiency that you expect?

BVQ can provide you with those assurances by transforming IBM virtualized storage machine data into insight that drives operational excellence and ensures that your storage services are always optimized and available.

  1. Proactive monitoring identifies issues before business operations are impacted
  2. Agentless architecture continuously collects data for on-demand analysis
  3. Operational Intelligence guides configuration decisions and drives root cause problem detection

BVQ Overview - Simplifies Storage Performance Management

BVQ is a software only solution that is 100% non-intrusive, utilizes a fully “agentless” architecture, installs quickly and starts delivering relevant results immediately.

Visualize and Analyze

BVQ delivers quick insights on the resilience of your storage infrastructure, rich visualizations make results understandable and actionable. Interactive dashboards summarize all health, utilization and performance analysis in a single pane of glass.

BVQ Treemap Views

Treemap views are flexible, customizable and easy to use. The graphical treemap representation of the data shows all relevant parameters, capacities, performance and optimization opportunities on one screen. Data is displayed as a set of nested rectangles, delivering an intelligent colorful graphical interface that displays patterns that are easily interpreted into valuable insight on the state of the storage infrastructure.

BVQ Performance View

An in-depth performance analysis for any object in the Treemap is only a mouse click away. The performance view offers a wide range of indicators to analyze the behavior of the storage infrastructure at different layers; virtual machines, virtual disk, clusters, volumes, managed disk groups, cache, ports and traffic between mirrored sites.


BVQ real-time interactive views allows administrators to quickly identify anomalies and resolve issues before business operations are impacted, operational intelligence helps guide strategic infrastructure configuration decisions.

“BVQ is a stellar and unparalleled Storwize and Spectrum Virtualize - deep monitoring and troubleshooting tool.  As a storage architect who is intimately involved with large SAN Volume Controller (Spectrum Virtualize) and Storwize storage infrastructures in the most critical of environments – I can say without hesitation that this tool is a “must-have” for the Mature and Proactive Datacenter that desires the ultimate in control and understanding of their Spectrum Virtualize Environments.”

- Joe Jurak, Senior Storage Infrastructure Architect,  Mark III Systems